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Alberto Ferrari

Visio Forward Engineer is on Codeplex

As you might already know I have written an add-in for Microsoft Visio 2010 which makes it able to forward engineer database diagrams to SQL Server. A huge number of people downloaded it and started asking for some new features, as it is always the case with useful projects.

That said, I don’t have neither skills nor time to follow a software project but, luckily, a very smart guy, Mario Majcica, dedicated his time to publish the project on Codeplex here: He is working on a better installation process, bug fixes and many exciting new features and he is searching for skilled programmers to help with the development.

If you want to download the latest release of the add-in or have some spare time to dedicate to the project helping it grow to a full featured add-in that solves the well known issue of Visio not being able to create databases, go to codeplex and have fun. I am going to become an happy user of the add-in, leaving the development in better hands. After all, I am a BI guy.Sorriso

Published Wednesday, March 23, 2011 7:15 PM by AlbertoFerrari


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Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. He his interests lie in two main areas: BI development lifecycle methodologies and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code. His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for the banking, manufacturing and statistical sectors. He is also a speaker in international conferences like European PASS Conference and PASS Summit.
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