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Alberto Ferrari

Distinct values in SSIS

Distinct is a partially blocking component that remove duplicates from one flow. Its main advantages against the sort component provided in SSIS are:

  • Memory usage: Distinct does not cache the whole flow (as Sort does) but retains in memory only the distincts, consuming less memory then Sort
  • Distinct is partially blocking where Sort is fully blocking
  • Distinct is freeware, you can easily download sources and adapt it to your needs

A full description of the component and full sources can be downloaded at

Published Thursday, February 8, 2007 9:48 AM by AlbertoFerrari


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Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. He his interests lie in two main areas: BI development lifecycle methodologies and performance tuning of ETL and SQL code. His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for the banking, manufacturing and statistical sectors. He is also a speaker in international conferences like European PASS Conference and PASS Summit.
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