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Adam Machanic

Adam Machanic, Boston-based SQL Server developer, shares his experiences with programming, monitoring, and performance tuning SQL Server. And the occasional battle with the query optimizer.

Who is Active Wins GOLD from SQL Server Magazine

Yesterday afternoon SQL Server Magazine revealed its Editors' Best and Community Choice Awards for 2010 -- and Who is Active received the top honor in the Best Free Tool category.

I'm deeply honored to receive this kind of award, and it validates all of the work I've put in on the tool over the last three years. I fully plan to continue the trend in 2011 with even more features designed to help you easily figure out what's going on in your SQL Server instances. I'm also going to finally put together some documentation, and am already at work on a Who is Active presentation that I'll be delivering at various community events and in webcasts.

To those who have contacted me about the tool, thank you for all of the great feedback over the past few years. Who is Active was originally a simple, 100-line replacement for sp_who2, and due in no small part to your ideas and insights I've been able to push it to a whole new level.

A final note to the database developers out there: Don't take attitude from developers who specialize in C#, Java, or other procedural languages. I've had these people tell me that SQL is not a "real" language and that database developers are not "real" developers. Yet here we have a solid case where a stored procedure has won a higher honor than polished UI-based products created by commercial development teams. If you're a database developer, you are a real developer. And you're in control of the most important part of any relevant business application: the data. Stay strong.

Published Tuesday, November 23, 2010 11:34 AM by Adam Machanic

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Brent Ozar said:

You deserve it! This tool rocks.

November 23, 2010 11:09 AM

FargoDBA said:



It is one of my 'go to' tools and is installed on all my prod and test sql servers. Well deserved award. Thanks!  

November 23, 2010 11:16 AM

jamiet said:

I love the epitaph. SQL devs rule!!!

November 23, 2010 11:39 AM

Tracy McKibben said:

Never tried it before today, great tool!  Easy to see why it took the gold...

November 23, 2010 11:45 AM

Pradeep Adiga said:

A well deserved award! Congratulations!!!

November 23, 2010 11:49 AM

Joel Ewald said:

Congrats Adam!

I have used it for quite awhile now and find it exceptional.

November 23, 2010 11:54 AM

David Benoit said:

Congratulations and I agree that it is deserving. A great tool that consolidates so many scripts that I had in my toolbox. I know that if I was to start at another place this would be the first script installed on all my servers.

November 23, 2010 11:59 AM

Aaron Bertrand said:

Awesome to see your hard work pay off Adam.  Thanks for your continued efforts at improving this useful procedure.

November 23, 2010 12:23 PM

Steve Jones said:

Well deserved! I use it all the time.

November 23, 2010 12:52 PM

ALZDBA said:

Way to go Adam !


November 23, 2010 12:53 PM

Rafael Salas said:


Congratulations, that tool is excellent!

November 23, 2010 1:15 PM

Antony C said:

A great tool. Well deserved recognition, Adam.

November 23, 2010 1:18 PM

Fabricio Lima said:

Congratulations. It is really very useful.

November 23, 2010 2:17 PM

andyleonard said:

Congrats Adam!


November 23, 2010 2:31 PM

Kevin Devine said:

I had started to write a tool like sp_WhoIsActive, but when I was looking on how to do something in it, I found your tool.  Best free tool, and possibly, best tool, period.

Thanks, Adam abd congrats!

November 23, 2010 3:24 PM

Alejandro Mesa said:



It is, indeed, an excellent tool. Looking forward to the presentation.



November 23, 2010 5:37 PM

Meher said:

Congrats Adam. you deserve this.

November 23, 2010 9:04 PM

merrillaldrich said:


November 23, 2010 10:43 PM

Geri Reshef said:

Very usefull to me.


November 23, 2010 11:29 PM

Jose Chinchilla aka sqljoe said:

Used your store proc to clearly identify perf culprit. Like the SSMS add-in. Should be included in Denali. Congrats!

November 24, 2010 12:20 AM

Jeff Moden said:

Some very well deserved congrats and great advice, too!

November 24, 2010 12:33 AM

Linchi Shea said:


November 24, 2010 1:10 AM

Amit Chauhan said:


more rewards on the way.. :)

November 24, 2010 1:30 AM

Uri Dimant said:

I had not doubts..Congratulations!!!

November 24, 2010 3:17 AM

Uri Dimant said:

I had not doubts..Congratulations!!!

November 24, 2010 3:17 AM

Alexander Kuznetsov said:

Adam, congratulations!

November 27, 2010 5:54 PM

Dugi said:

Adam, congrats buddy, really it is one of the greatest tool!

November 29, 2010 12:27 PM

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Adam Machanic is a Boston-based SQL Server developer, writer, and speaker. He focuses on large-scale data warehouse performance and development, and is author of the award-winning SQL Server monitoring stored procedure, sp_WhoIsActive. Adam has written for numerous web sites and magazines, including SQLblog, Simple Talk, Search SQL Server, SQL Server Professional, CoDe, and VSJ. He has also contributed to several books on SQL Server, including "SQL Server 2008 Internals" (Microsoft Press, 2009) and "Expert SQL Server 2005 Development" (Apress, 2007). Adam regularly speaks at conferences and training events on a variety of SQL Server topics. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and an alumnus of the INETA North American Speakers Bureau.

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