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Aaron Bertrand

Aaron is a Product Evangelist for SentryOne, makers of Plan Explorer and a performance monitoring and event management platform for the Microsoft Data Platform and VMware. He has been blogging here at since 2006, focusing on manageability, performance, and new features, and also blogs at and; has been a Microsoft MVP since 1997; tweets as @AaronBertrand; and speaks frequently at major conferences, user group meetings, and SQL Saturday events worldwide.

Index maintenance : these are not your father's maintenance plans!

UPDATE 2009-06-24

I have blogged about both of them before (here and here), but I can never say enough about how helpful their index maintenance scripts can be.  Both Ola Hallengren and Michelle Ufford (@sqlfool) have been extremely dedicated to building very useful maintenance scripts for you, me, and all the DBAs around you - even (or maybe especially) the involuntary ones.  I have used both, and because they offer so much more flexibility over the canned stuff you get in the built-in maintenance plans, I highly recommend trying them out.

Ola's scripts were updated earlier this month, and I am only getting to blogging about it now (sorry Ola!).  Some of the enhancements in this update:

  • rebuild and reorganize indexes at the partition level
  • exclude indexes in read-only filegroups
  • option to print commands instead of executing them
  • support for all builds of SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (previously, only 2005 SP2+ was supported)
  • backup solution now supports LiteSpeed in addition to native backups
You can read about and download Ola's solution here.

Michelle Ufford has released a new version of her solution as well.  The enhancements include:

  • bug fix surrounding LOB logic
  • added @scanMode and @rebuildStats options
  • added support for defragging model and msdb
  • helpful additions to the log table (for monitoring)
  • exclusion list (for scheduling)

You can download Michelle's solution here.

I just want to echo a huge THANK YOU to both of these individuals for donating their time, energy and knowledge into developing and maintaining these scripts for the community at large.

Published Friday, June 19, 2009 2:46 PM by AaronBertrand



jerryhung said:

I use Ola's re-index solutions in many places, +1!

(reason is it didn't require a db like Michelle's)

June 24, 2009 3:59 PM
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